Unethical marketing

I have been addressed during the last two days at Skype by two unknown people. The tactics have been something like: “Hi Mats, I see you also promote Unlimited Income Org. How is it going? Can we connect?” — “Hi Mats, I am already a member of UNLIMITED INCOME , its great for me great […]

Do You Know Your Business?

It’s many business and services I have joined during the years.And checking my Excel sheet I see it’s huge with many old URL’s You see I have all my URL’s in an Excel sheet or sheets to have everything handy and sometimes even the passwords. Looking at all these URL’s the other day something stroke […]

Marketing Secret revealed at Facebook

I found this comment at Facebook which must share with you. It explains very simple mistakes newbies and even seasoned do when approaching promising customers eager sell at every cost, situation and time: At Facebook from Paulo Salvador which was reposted from Don Shan. Those will have the credits for this. ================================================= Two mistakes amateur […]