What am I doing wrong?

I got a mail the other day from my sponsor at SFI. After reading just some sentences I knew who wrote it. It was Louise Venison, a very gifted writer in my opinion. She belongs to that few who gets my intention when writing. Here’s what got my intention and always when about SFI, you […]

Is your online business safe?

And by that I don’t refer to online scams or other dodgy schemes. Now and then I get that horrible thought. What if I loose everything about my online business? You know URLs, recipes, passwords, mails, total blank, nada, nil, zero! I’m already sweating by the thought. Yes, I have a virus program. A new […]

Work with the workers

A team is great, but often a few people really do their work. The active referrals could be all in the span of one to ten percent depending of the business and how well you communicate with your downline. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay in tune with your downline. Answer […]