Easy Creating & Publishing WordPress Blog

Start creating WordPress Blogs easily and quickly. Learn how to creat WP blogs and publish them on the internet in a easy to understand manner. A must have ebook for SFI Affiliates to advertise their business and SFI Banners and earn VersaPoints. Product Rating $2.99 Item No: 109194 Condition / Status: New / In Stock […]

An entrepeneur, just a greedy person?

Found an interesting answer at ASK SC, SFI today. Are business owners just people interesting in making money. I see lots of people in online business with that attitude.  Fast money with as little efforts as possible. I always say, there is no red magic button to press for fast money, even if many sites […]

But if I don’t have the money?

In SFI we often talk about duplication. Be an example for your downline. Create a Standing Order to maintain EA and so on. My strategy is also to reassign members to those who maintain at least EA or higher. I also create a Co-op in SFI for my busy and active downline members. But if […]