2017-04-27 Progress This Week

Have you heard about Wealthy Affiliate? Since I’m a blogger there was an ad that called for attention just regarding blogs and plugins. I joined for free and was blown away when I discovered all the features regarding hosting and all that technical stuff behind the scene. You may have heard about keywords, search engine […]

2017-04-13 Progress This Week

┬áThis week I collected small fractions of cryptocurrency from the different online wallets I have to invest those into Chilly Bot. Better to let those coins work and grow. Even if you have the expression HODL. That is, hold your coins waiting for them to grow in value. Chilly Bot is an online mining program […]

Why We Fail in our Business

I got this mail this morning and it was from the Admin at Bitcoins Matrix. In his turn, this article was from one of his members. It’s very well worth reading. The following is a message written by 1 of our top referrers, Moses Chan, I am sure it will help some of you when […]