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Hints and Tips... and the Prosperity Marketing System

What's So Great:

  • Only $12 Per Month.
  • 100 Commission!
  • Genius Compensation Plan.
  • Downline Builder.
  • Promote Your Own Program.

Trafic Sources I Use To Promote My Business.

I use both FREE and PAID ones. The FREE takes longer time.

FREE. Traffic Exchanges

Bear in mind that traffic exchanges are very time-consuming. However here are my favorites below which I use now and then.

FREE. Safelists and Mailers

Safelists and mailers are the far most effective and superior regarding free tools.
I show two programs, which you can join for free with a downline builder. Upgrade if you want a big pile of credits and automation.

Other Advertising Resources.

If you want fast results. Paid traffic is the answer. However, don't spend what you can't afford. Not all paid traffic is good. Below is both FREE and Paid traffic

The Funnel

This is the funnel I and you can use.

Prosperity Marketing System: Collect leads and promote your business and the downline builder.
In my case I promote Earn Easy Commissions.
Only $12 per month. And you keep 100% of the commission minus transaction fees.

Upgrade is an option if you want .
You can use the internal autoresponder, however.
Meanwhile, use the free one below until you can afford an upgrade.

Benchmark Import all your leads to this free and very competent autoresponder.
As stated above. Use this until you can afford an upgrade or
a standalone autoresponder as Aweber, Getresponse or other autoresponder.

Earn Easy Commissions: Earn a huge income.
Only mission. That's promote one URL.
They do the rest of the selling for you.
Great 30 Day Action Plan to follow.
Big Make Over for the moment.

About Mats...

Webinar Replay: The 5 Things You Need To Earn Consistent Daily Profits Online. This is a MUST WATCH video. Why we fail as marketers. The end explains really all.
Mats JacobsonTeam Leader
There are different tactics and schools regarding how to promote on FaceBook. Carol shows you one way with direct promotion with links. You find other lessons and strategies in Easy Earn Commissions
Carol RivetThe GDI Action Power Team
Earn Easy Commissions can offer you a 30 Day Action Plan which is really great stuff. Do a lesson or two every day and you are good to go. FREE to join.
Earn Easy CommissionsOnline Marketing Training
Learn automation marketing, lead generation, plus sales & marketing strategies! Harness the power of the Power Lead System with Manny Lopez!
PLS Tips with MannyOnline Marketing Training
Learn more about the Prosperity System on Youtube with Darren Olander.
Prosperity Marketing SystemDarren Olander
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I want to help you as much as I can. However, it's your business and responsibility at the end. Your success depends on your focus, work and ability learn. Not your mentor (Me) or the programs.
Mindset is the biggest challenge for us marketers.


Don't spend more than you can afford to lose.

Don't Rush.

Work at your own pace. It's a marathon, not a race.

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Watch and follow Julian Leahy below.

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