Traffic To Our Power Lead System.

Hints and Tips... and the Power Lead System

What You Will Learn:

  • Overview of the Power Lead System
  • How To Easily Earn A Lucrative Income
  • Foundation
  • Huge Value of Sales & Information Funnels
  • How To Promote Our System
  • How To Virtually Guarantee Your Success

Trafic Sources I Use To Promote My Business.

I use both FREE and PAID ones. The FREE takes longer time.

FREE. Traffic Exchanges

Bear in mind that traffic exchanges are very time-consuming. However here are my favorites below which I use now and then.

FREE. Safelists and Mailers

Safelists and mailers are the far most effective and superior regarding free tools.
I show two programs, which you can join for free with a downline builder. Upgrade if you want a big pile of credits and automation.

Other Advertising Resources.

If you want fast results. Paid traffic is the answer. However, don't spend what you can't afford. Not all paid traffic is good. Below is both FREE and Paid traffic

The Funnel

This is the funnel I and you can use.


LeadLightning: Collect leads and promoting another business of your choice.
In my case I promote Earn Easy Commissions.
Pay a one time $7. Now all leads are yours. You get $6 for every who upgrades

Upgrade to Gold when ready. 
As Gold you can use the internal Power Lead System autoresponder.
Meanwhile, use the free one below until you can afford an upgrade.

Benchmark Import all your leads to this free and very competent autoresponder.
As stated above. Use this until you can afford an upgrade or
a standalone autoresponder as Aweber, Getresponse or other autoresponder.

Earn Easy Commissions: Earn a huge income.
Only mission. That's promote one URL.
They do the rest of the selling for you.
Great 30 Day Action Plan to follow.

About Mats...

Watch the PLS weekly Thursday training by clicking my picture below. For all members on all levels. Great value.
Mats JacobsonTeam Leader
There are different tactics and schools regarding how to promote on FaceBook. Carol shows you one way with direct promotion with links. You find other lessons and strategies in Power Lead System and Easy Earn Commissions
Carol RivetThe GDI Action Power Team
Earn Easy Commissions can offer you a 30 Day Action Plan which is really great stuff. Do a lesson or two every day and you are good to go. FREE to join.
Earn Easy CommissionsOnline Marketing Training
Learn automation marketing, lead generation, plus sales & marketing strategies! Harness the power of the Power Lead System with Manny Lopez!
PLS Tips with MannyOnline Marketing Training
One of the internal trainings for your disposal in Power Lead System (LeadLightning)
Power Lead System TrainingInternal training
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Jane DoughStudent



I want to help you as much as I can. However, it's your business and responsibility at the end. Your success depends on your focus, work and ability learn. Not your mentor (Me) or the programs.
Mindset is the biggest challenge for us marketers.


Don't spend more than you can afford to lose.

Don't Rush.

Work at your own pace. It's a marathon, not a race.

Choose One The Most Profitable and Easy Program Today

Our system literally does all the selling for you so that you can literally just sit back, relax and earn commissions.
If you would like to join our free program to become our next success story…
Click the button above to create your free account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do first / How do I get started?

If you are a Free member:

Log in and click the 'How Do I Get Started' button. Watch the entire 'Getting Started' video and take action. Below that video is where you will find your referral link. All you need to do is advertise your referral link. Further down that same page, near the bottom, you will find 2 more videos... please watch those also.

The benefits of being a free member is unlimited exposure and leads for any business of your choice.

Upgrading to $7 is 100% optional... you're welcome to stay as a free member forever.

(there is no guarantee of income)


If you are a Lead Lightning member:

Join our Facebook group. (link to join is below the Getting Started video). Log in and click the 'How Do I Get Started' button. Watch the entire 'Getting Started' video and take action. Below that video is where you will find your referral link(s). All you need to do is advertise your referral link. Further down that same page, near the bottom, you will find another video called "How do I market my link", so be sure and watch that video as well.

This is $7 one time for life. Upgrading is 100% optional.
(you earn a $6 commission for every 'referred' Lead Lightning
member, for life)

(there is no guarantee of income)

I'm a Lead Lightning member with lots of questions... do you have an FAQ page created just for me?

Yes. Visit here ---->

What is the Silver Membership?

The Silver membership is a marketing training University. It comes with two incredible training courses along with updates and ongoing training that will be announced. One of the training courses included is 'Endless Free Leads 10'. This course alone sells for $299 online and will teach you how to build an international business on Facebook in less that an hour per day, as well as how to make a sale a day on Facebook. Our members are reporting tremendous results from these courses. Upgrading to Silver UNLOCKS these 2 products in your Lead Lightning back office. To access them, hover over the 'Training' tab. As a Silver member, you are also eligible for residual $15.00 commissions paid through unlimited depths.

What is the Gold Membership?

The Gold Membership is a 'customer + affiliate' position with the Power Lead System. With your Gold membership you're able to create unlimited lead capture pages, unlimited sales pages, unlimited subdomains, and video post cards. Imagine being able to create entire sales funnels, and then share those funnels with your downline, other members, or an entire distributor base. Create unlimited auto-responder campaigns, broadcast your list, track all of your advertising, create floating capture forms, and so much more. Plus as a Gold member, you are eligible for exponential '$20 residual commissions' and a 50% matching bonus on all your Gold member personals. Gold members receive the Silver membership for free.

How Do I use Traffic Exchanges?

A great posting how to use as best you can.
How To Use Traffic Exchanges Effectively

More To Come

More To Come