Free video training #1 (I see DEAD e-mail promos!)

 You will love this! Check out this free video presentation that will teach  you how to write e-mails that demand attention and pull in the most cash. Watch it now right here: ==> It only takes one time to learn these techniques and you will be pumping out killer e-mail promos every time you […]

Get those turkeys now!

Still Time for Some Turkey Don’t miss out on your chance to put a few more Nickels and Dimes in your pocket today! That blasted turkey is still on the loose and giving away prizes to everyone who finds him! You can Win by either finding turkeys or referring someone who finds a turkey. This […]

What is Commando Links?

Today I have several mails from traffic exchanges about something new at TE Command Post, Commando Links. So if I understand it right, certain traffic exchanges provide you with a splashpage dedicated for Commando Links. That splashpage contain banners for different traffic exchanges and IF! If you have put your referral id’s for that traffic […]