Commando Surf Rundown

Every day of the week features a different exchange, which means each day is a chance to stock up on high-converting traffic and get all the exposure your sites need! Monday: Cruise over to Dragon Surf and earn yourself an extra 35{b7ba729e426b7d1d4a87e382805222473385f066c8c91afe1d871311326483e1} with Commando Surf Tuesday: Make sure to stop by Tezak Traffic Power for […]

Traffic Heroes is back in new shape

From Paul Kinder; “Your friendly local superhero TrafficMan has returned from the brink. Who is Traffic Man? He is the super hero that protects all of Traffic Exchange Land from a slow traffic. Where do you find him? It’s easy, Traffic Man lives at Traffic Heroes ! You need to check out Traffic Heroes NOW! Traffic […]

Todays Traffic Exchange News

Benji Bash Get your fins wet today and splash your for your chance at $100 today! We’ve teamed up with Jamison Raymond, Tony Tezak, and James Dias today to give you a shot at some cool cash, and bring some high quality traffic to your sites! Surf 250 pages at each of the following sites […]

Todays Traffic Exchange News

Yes, yes, I don’t claim that’s all the news but some that interest me today. First out is: HitSafari Each week we invite in one guest exchange to take part in a special promo where we award some serious epic prizes. Today 12/4/2013 It’s Easy to take part in this weekly contest you will first […]

Offers at

If you need to setup hosting and get a new domain, take a look at the after Thanksgiving offers from Namecheap 30{b7ba729e426b7d1d4a87e382805222473385f066c8c91afe1d871311326483e1} off all our Shared and Business hosting plans. This discount applies to first billing cycle, regardless of length. Along with hosting, you can also take advantage of a special price of $9.61 for […]

Discussion about target URL’s when promoting

Question to the Affiliate Funnel Support with a topic I have struggle with for some time now : When I promote AF in mails, what is the best target URL to use? The main page: Direct the viewer to take action, join AF. The Moneypage: A smorgasboard from the advertiser but presents to […]