About Me

About Me – Mats Jacobson I’m Mats Jacobson and been online since 2001 and doing *slot machine and *butterfly marketing until this day. But now it’s time to get professional at last. I’m here to help you avoid my mistakes, if you earn, I earn. You can find me in southern Sweden. I’m now retired […]

2017-04-27 Progress This Week

Have you heard about Wealthy Affiliate? Since I’m a blogger there was an ad that called for attention just regarding blogs and plugins. I joined for free and was blown away when I discovered all the features regarding hosting and all that technical stuff behind the scene. You may have heard about keywords, search engine […]

Banned Cryptocurrency Related Sites.

I think this could be of great interest to you. Especially those who are involved in cryptocurrency. As I always say, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a minefield for us users. Here is a list of banned sites from InfinityTrafficBoost. They like to keep their site clean for us users. It’s an impressive or rather depressive […]

2017-04-13 Progress This Week

 This week I collected small fractions of cryptocurrency from the different online wallets I have to invest those into Chilly Bot. Better to let those coins work and grow. Even if you have the expression HODL. That is, hold your coins waiting for them to grow in value. Chilly Bot is an online mining program […]

New Solo Ad Exchange

I got this today from my friend Charles. “I am proud to announce that I will be co-owner of a new solo ad exchange called Solo Missiles. My partner Danny Solomon currently manages 12 sites in all and has alot of experience with text ad exchanges. It has some great features, comes with a generous […]

Why join and doing nothing?

I listen to a webinar yesterday from Bitcoin Bully and there was a question that draws my attention. The participants had experience from owning different member sites inclusive Bitcoin Bully. So the problem was, why are so many people joining a site and then doing nothing? If you have been around for some time I’m […]