New Solo Ad Exchange

I got this today from my friend Charles. “I am proud to announce that I will be co-owner of a new solo ad exchange called Solo Missiles. My partner Danny Solomon currently manages 12 sites in all and has alot of experience with text ad exchanges. It has some great features, comes with a generous […]

Why join and doing nothing?

I listen to a webinar yesterday from Bitcoin Bully and there was a question that draws my attention. The participants had experience from owning different member sites inclusive Bitcoin Bully. So the problem was, why are so many people joining a site and then doing nothing? If you have been around for some time I’m […]

2017-03-30 Progress This Week

I still find slamming your ad at a few places are the best way to expose your ads. The old school said. Open ten to twelve traffic exchanges in your browser and start clicking. The question is, how many will see your ad on every traffic exchange? I’m afraid you will spread out your promotion […]

Are All Traffic Equal?

If I make it easy for you. No! I’m sure you have tried traffic to your business like me with the offer, 50.000 hits, $9.95. Any success? No. Real waste of time and money. Often are those kinds of traffic bots or other fake traffic. I have also bought traffic from a rather well know […]

New Safelist Promo Codes

Do you want free safelist upgrades? I have in that case promo codes for the following safelists below. The links open in a new window.  10XSILVERUPGRADE  MOONLIGHTINGSILVERUPGRADE  ZONEDSILVERUPGRADE  RTTSILVERUPGRADE  SMASHINGSILVERUPGRADE  ADS2CLIXSILVERUPGRADE  SACSILVERUPGRADE