Review of Lifetime Hosting

Is it worth the money to invest in a lifetime hosting? I joined Lifetime Hosting since I thought it was a good idea to have to pay for the hosting only ones and save a lot of money. So I moved a domain and tried to move the blog as well. First I had difficulties […]

Ambitious Individuals Required to Expand Web Services Provider!

Whether you are… – New to Internet marketing… – Tired of programs which  collapse and simply just stop paying… – Looking for something to complement your current business… – In need of an extra income (full or part time)  We Have An Afforable Solution! – Unique and extremely lucrative compensation – 100{b7ba729e426b7d1d4a87e382805222473385f066c8c91afe1d871311326483e1} commissions paid daily […]

98{b7ba729e426b7d1d4a87e382805222473385f066c8c91afe1d871311326483e1} or 2{b7ba729e426b7d1d4a87e382805222473385f066c8c91afe1d871311326483e1} What You`ll Choose ?

I’m sure you’ve heard all about people who are making money working from home. Don’t you wish you could be one of them? Well… you can! You can be part of the 2{b7ba729e426b7d1d4a87e382805222473385f066c8c91afe1d871311326483e1} making money online. I will show you  a young man who is actually making money online. Have you had a chance to […]

Awesome Way To Build Your Business!

There is a legitimate company that  has everything that you could want in a stable and lucrative online opportunity and many people will make some serious long term residual monthly incomes with this company…. Will you be one of them?…. Yes, you can qualify to earn commission with your first sale ! The special “Even […]

But if I don’t have the money?

In SFI we often talk about duplication. Be an example for your downline. Create a Standing Order to maintain EA and so on. My strategy is also to reassign members to those who maintain at least EA or higher. I also create a Co-op in SFI for my busy and active downline members. But if […]

What am I doing wrong?

I got a mail the other day from my sponsor at SFI. After reading just some sentences I knew who wrote it. It was Louise Venison, a very gifted writer in my opinion. She belongs to that few who gets my intention when writing. Here’s what got my intention and always when about SFI, you […]

Work with the workers

A team is great, but often a few people really do their work. The active referrals could be all in the span of one to ten percent depending of the business and how well you communicate with your downline. I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay in tune with your downline. Answer […]

Review of AptHost Hosting

If you have been online for a time and used your own hosting for your blogs and sites. I’m pretty sure that you have used the support at the hosting company.I’m also sure that you have tried several companies with more or less success. For my part the support have been the greatest issue, or […]